Månadsarkiv: oktober 2016

Visitor or resident

Our first topic in the course ONL162 is to think about whether we are visitors or residents on the net (see David White’s both short films, http://youtu.be/sPOG3iThmRI, http://youtu.be/kO569eknM6U). I consider myself being a visitor when it comes to education and research, but private I am more of a resident spending time especially on Facebook. The main problem as I have found out during the first topic is that there are a whole lot of platforms or programmes facilitating discussions and online communication on the web. This autumn I will be using 13 different communication tools ranging from video communication, email-programmes through social media. Although that will increase my residency on the net, it also got me somewhat puzzled. Must there be that many systems to keep track of? Still, the many options might also open to be using different channels for sparetime and work, not confusing the professional roles with the more private roles.We’ll see, Henrik.